Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Allen-Lambe House in Miniature

Pics of the Wichita Frank Lloyd Wright house (aka the Allen-Lambe House) in miniature at Exploration Place:
View from southeast

View from northeast

View from north

View from east

The Kansas in Miniature exhibit is really amazing in its detail. Again, pictures grainy because I was having camera issues and had to use my cell phone.

Risom Chair Continued

A couple of very low-res pics of the Risom as it sits tonight. After many hours stripping, sanding, and applying/buffing lacquer (polyurethane just seemed too modern), it's ready for upholstery. I spent some time trying to get the sun-induced color changes to come out, then decided they were just character or patina, and they added something to the chair. After all, you can't expect a sixty year-old chair to look new, right?
I'm just snobbish enough to preserve the original knoll sticker.

I think we're going with black cotton for the webbing. I think the texture of the cotton matches the softness of the lacquer a little better than would the synthetic webbing. The black is just so I have a neutral color (I'm still not sure where the chair will end up when I'm done).